Information Design Journal

Semiotics: A way of thinking & approaching information design. Special issue of Information Design Journal 23:2 (2017)
Edited by Priscila Lena Farias and João Queiroz
November 2017. ii, 121 pp.

Linguistics of the Tibeto-Burman Area

Volume 40, Number 1
November 2017. iii, 122 pp.

The Mental Lexicon

Volume 12, Number 1
June 2017. iii, 158 pp.


Volume 34, Number 4
February 2018. iii, 151 pp.

Australian Review of Applied Linguistics

Volume 40, Number 1
December 2017. iii, 103 pp.

Chinese Language and Discourse

Volume 8, Number 2
January 2018. iii, 143 pp.

Narrative Inquiry

Storytelling in the Digital Age: New challenges. Special issue of Narrative Inquiry 27:2 (2017)
Edited by Anna De Fina and Sabina Perrino
October 2017. vi, 209 pp.


Volume 23, Number 2
January 2018. iv, 113 pp.

Review of Cognitive Linguistics

The Linguistic Expression of Mirativity. Special issue of Review of Cognitive Linguistics 15:2 (2017)
Edited by Agnès Celle and Anastasios Tsangalidis
December 2017. v, 271 pp.

Belgian Journal of Linguistics

Computational Construction Grammar and Constructional Change, Volume 30
Edited by Katrien Beuls and Remi van Trijp
January 2017. v, 286 pp.

Linguistic Approaches to Bilingualism

Epistomological issue with keynote article “The relevance of first language attrition to theories of bilingual development” by Monika S. Schmid and Barbara Köpke
February 2018. iv, 140 pp.


Volume 28, Number 1
February 2018. iii, 158 pp.

Revue Romane

Volume 52, Number 2
December 2017. iv, 228 pp.

Translation and Translanguaging in Multilingual Contexts

'Translaboration': Translation as Collaboration. Special issue of Translation and Translanguaging in Multilingual Contexts 3:3 (2017)
Edited by Alexa Alfer
October 2017. v, 132 pp.

Language Problems and Language Planning

Volume 41, Number 3
February 2018. iii, 113 pp.

Linguistics in the Netherlands

Linguistics in the Netherlands 2017
Edited by Sander Lestrade and Bert Le Bruyn
November 2017. iii, 155 pp.

International Journal of Corpus Linguistics

Volume 22, Number 4
December 2017. iii, 138 pp.

International Journal of Learner Corpus Research

Segmental, prosodic and fluency features in phonetic learner corpora. Special issue of the International Journal of Learner Corpus Research 3:2 (2017)
Edited by Jürgen Trouvain, Frank Zimmerer, Bernd Möbius, Mária Gósy and Anne Bonneau
December 2017. v, 176 pp.

Journal of Language and Politics

Volume 17, Number 1
February 2018. iii, 140 pp.

Constructions and Frames

Verb Phrase and Fluid Construction Grammar. Special issue of Constructions and Frames 9:2 (2017)
Edited by Luc Steels and Katrien Beuls
December 2017. v, 162 pp.

Journal of Asian Pacific Communication

Strategic Communication: Beyond nation cultural adaption, images and identity. Special issue of the Journal of Asian Pacific Communication 28:1 (2018)
Edited by Hassan Abu Bakar and Bahtiar Bin Mohamad
January 2018. v, 194 pp.

Journal of Language and Sexuality

Language/Sexuality/Affect. Special issue of the Journal of Language and Sexuality 7:1 (2018)
Edited by William L. Leap
February 2018. v, 144 pp.

English Text Construction

Grammar, usage and discourse: Functional studies offered to Kristin Davidse. Special issue of English Text Construction 10:2 (2017)
Edited by Lieven Vandelanotte, Wout Van Praet and Lieselotte Brems
October 2017. v, 159 pp.

Journal of Historical Linguistics

Volume 7, Number 3
January 2018. iii, 170 pp.


Traduire, écrire, réécrire dans un monde en mutation / Writing and Translating as changing Practices: Tome I. Special issue of FORUM 15:2 (2017)
Edited by Fayza El Qasem and Freddie Plassard
December 2017. v, 168 pp.

Sign Language & Linguistics

Volume 20, Number 1
November 2017. iii, 155 pp.


Volume 16, Number 3
February 2018. iii, 116 pp.

Journal of Language Aggression and Conflict

Public Debates on Immigration. Special issue of Journal of Language Aggression and Conflict 5:2 (2017)
Edited by Andreas Musolff
November 2017. vi, 177 pp.

The Journal of Internationalization and Localization

Game Localisation. Special issue of The Journal of Internationalization and Localization 4:2 (2017)
Edited by Xiaochun Zhang and Samuel Strong
January 2018. v, 132 pp.

Study Abroad Research in Second Language Acquisition and International Education

Study Abroad to, from, and within Asia. Special issue of Study Abroad Research in Second Language Acquisition and International Education 2:2 (2017)
Edited by John L. Plews and Jane Jackson
December 2017. v, 158 pp.

Metaphor and the Social World

Volume 7, Number 2
November 2017. iii, 155 pp.

Written Language & Literacy

Volume 20, Number 2
February 2018. iii, 130 pp.

The Agenda Setting Journal

Volume 1, Number 2
September 2017. iii, 77 pp.


Volume 29, Number 3
November 2017. iii, 153 pp.


Volume 70, Number 2
September 2017. iii, 154 pp.

Bochumer Philosophisches Jahrbuch für Antike und Mittelalter

Bochumer Philosophisches Jahrbuch für Antike und Mittelalter: Band 19
Herausgegeben von Manuel Baumbach und Olaf Pluta
January 2017. iv, 307 pp.

Studies in Language

Volume 41, Number 3
October 2017. iii, 270 pp.


Reinardus: Yearbook of the International Reynard Society. Volume 28 (2016)
Edited by Richard Trachsler and Baudouin Van den Abeele
April 2017. v, 185 pp.

Historiographia Linguistica

Volume 44, Number 1
August 2017. iii, 190 pp.

Spanish in Context

Volume 14, Number 3
December 2017. iii, 181 pp.

English World-Wide

Volume 39, Number 1
February 2018. iii, 126 pp.

Translation Spaces

Volume 6, Number 2
December 2017. iv, 172 pp.

Interaction Studies

Interaction and Iconicity in the Evolution of Language. Special issue of Interaction Studies 18:3 (2017)
Edited by Stefan Hartmann, Michael Pleyer, James Winters and Jordan Zlatev
December 2017. v, 173 pp.

Language and Linguistics

Volume 19, Number 1
January 2018. iii, 208 pp.

Journal of Argumentation in Context

Argumentative Discourse in Contemporary China: A pragma-dialectical perspective. Special issue of Journal of Argumentation in Context 6:3
Edited by Wu Peng and Xu Cihua
December 2017. vi, 126 pp.

Pragmatics & Cognition

Volume 24, Number 1
January 2018. iii, 135 pp.

Journal of Pidgin and Creole Languages

Volume 32, Number 2
December 2017. iv, 263 pp.

Languages in Contrast

Extending the notion of near-synonymy: Studies in morphological, syntactic and pragmatic equivalence. Special issue of Languages in Contrast 18:1 (2018)
Edited by Renata Enghels
February 2018. v, 153 pp.

Functions of Language

Volume 24, Number 3
February 2018. iii, 110 pp.

International Journal of Chinese Linguistics

Volume 4, Number 2
December 2017. iii, 159 pp.

Scientific Study of Literature

Volume 7, Number 1
November 2017. iii, 174 pp.

Linguistic Landscape

Methodology in Linguistic Landscape Research. Special issue of Linguistic Landscape 3:3 (2017)
Edited by Robert Blackwood
January 2018. v, 113 pp.

Pragmatics and Society

Volume 8, Number 4
January 2018. iv, 167 pp.

Journal of Immersion and Content-Based Language Education

Volume 6, Number 1
January 2018. ix, 152 pp.

AILA Review

AILA Review, Volume 30: Meaning Making in the Periphery
Edited by Luiz Paulo Moita-Lopes and Mike Baynham
January 2018. xiii, 188 pp.

Cognitive Linguistic Studies

Metaphor Variation in Englishes around the World. Special issue of Cognitive Linguistic Studies 4:1 (2017)
Edited by Marcus Callies and Alexander Onysko
October 2017. v, 169 pp.

ITL - International Journal of Applied Linguistics

Volume 168, Number 2
December 2017. iii, 164 pp.

Korean Linguistics

Honorific language and linguistic politeness in Korean. Special issue of Korean Linguistics 17:2 (2015)
Edited by John Whitman and Lucien Brown
August 2017. v, 140 pp.

Journal of Second Language Pronunciation

Volume 3, Number 2
December 2017. iv, 147 pp.


Volume 19, Number 2
December 2017. iv, 155 pp.

Language, Interaction and Acquisition

The gesture–sign interface in language acquisition / L’interface geste–signe dans l’acquisition du langage. Special issue of Language, Interaction and Acquisition 8:1 (2017)
Edited by Aliyah Morgenstern and Michèle Guidetti
October 2017. v, 171 pp.

International Journal of Language and Culture

Cultural Linguistic Contributions to World Englishes. Special issue of International Journal of Language and Culture 4:2 (2017)
Edited by Hans-Georg Wolf, Frank Polzenhagen and Arne Peters
December 2017. v, 152 pp.

Asia-Pacific Language Variation

Volume 3, Number 2
January 2018. iii, 148 pp.

Language and Dialogue

Volume 7, Number 3
November 2017. iv, 175 pp.

Language Ecology

Volume 1, Number 2
January 2018. iii, 139 pp.

Lingvisticæ Investigationes

Transitivity and Valency: From theory to acquisition. Special issue of Lingvisticæ Investigationes 40:1 (2017)
Edited by Georgia Fotiadou and Hélène Vassiliadou
December 2017. v, 133 pp.

Journal of Historical Pragmatics

Historical (socio)pragmatics at present. Special issue of Journal of Historical Pragmatics 18:2 (2017)
Edited by Matylda Włodarczyk and Irma Taavitsainen
February 2018. v, 180 pp.

Translation and Interpreting Studies

Volume 12, Number 3
November 2017. iii, 122 pp.

Dutch Journal of Applied Linguistics

Volume 6, Number 2
December 2017. vii, 122 pp.


Volume 63, Number 4
November 2017. iii, 158 pp.

Archív Orientální

Volume 85, Number 3
January 2018. 150 pp.

Linguistic Variation

Register Variation and Syntactic Theory. Special issue of Linguistic Variation 17:2 (2017)
Edited by Diane Massam and Tim Stowell
January 2018. v, 198 pp.