Online-First Articles

The following articles have been published online-first, and have not yet published in an issue.

16 February 2021

Estimating literary translators’ earnings penalty: A cultural economics approach to translator studies
Leila Mirsafian, Hossein Pirnajmuddin and Dariush Nejadansari | 28 pp.

12 February 2021

The translation landscape of Thessaloniki’s Kastra neighbourhood: Qualitative findings from a cross-disciplinary approach to translated texts in public spaces
Christopher Lees | 30 pp.
The retranslation of Chinese political texts: Ideology, norms, and evolution
Feng Pan and Tao Li | 29 pp.

5 February 2021

Intercultural translation of vague legal language: The right to silence in the Northern Territory of Australia
Alex Bowen | 33 pp.

28 January 2021

Between the translator and norms: A habitus-mediated case study of a Chinese translation of Looking Backward: 2000–1887
Huarui Guo | 26 pp.

21 January 2021

Review of Gerber & Qi (2021): A Century of Chinese Literature in Translation (1919–2019): English Publication and Reception
Reviewed by Quangong Feng | 5 pp.

17 November 2020

Review of Venuti (2019): Contra Instrumentalism: A Translation Polemic
Gary Massey | 5 pp.

7 August 2020

Roy Youdale. Using computers in the translation of literary style: Challenges and opportunities
Dirk Delabastita | 6 pp.

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