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In all languages, forms of address establish an ever-changing repertoire with rules of usage that are closely tied to social and other factors; therefore, the study of address forms has been a central element of the relational turn of linguistics in the last decade. This book series aims to provide a platform for global research on address forms and their usage. The books in this series focus on the range of available terms of address (nominal, pronominal, other), their grammatical as well as pragmatic properties, the factors determining their use in actual discourse, the way they reflect as well as constitute social relations and the way they act as a means of organising communicative routines. Studies in this series will describe address in as wide a number of languages as possible in order to arrive at an overarching model of address intended to capture speaker-addressee-relations as an essential aspect of communication. The series publishes monographs and thematically coherent collective volumes in the English language.
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Agnese Bresin
2021. xxi, 290 pp.
Edited by Bettina Kluge and María Irene Moyna
2019. vi, 447 pp.

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