Italian Dialectology at the Interfaces

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Recent years have seen a growing interest in linguistic phenomena whose formal manifestation and underlying licensing conditions represent the convergence of two or more areas of the grammar, an area of investigation particularly invigorated in recent generative research by developments such as phase theory (cf. Chomsky 2001; 2008) and the cartographic enterprise (cf. Rizzi 1997; Cinque 1999). In this respect, the dialects of Italy are no exception, in that they present comparative Romance linguists and theoretical linguists alike with many valuable opportunities to study the linguistic interfaces, as highlighted by the many case studies presented in this volume which provide a series of original insights into how different components of the linguistic system – syntactic, phonetic, phonological, morphological, semantic and pragmatic – do not necessarily operate in isolation but, rather, interact to license phenomena whose nature and distribution can only be fully understood in terms of the formal mapping between the interfaces.
[Linguistik Aktuell/Linguistics Today, 251]  2019.  vi, 369 pp.
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Table of Contents
The dialects of Italy at the interfaces
Silvio Cruschina, Adam Ledgeway and Eva-Maria Remberger
Inflectional uniformity in the present subjunctive in the dialects of central Friuli
Martina Da Tos
The Inflected Construction in the dialects of Sicily: Parameters of microvariation
Vincenzo Nicolò Di Caro
Mixed paradigms in Italo-Romance: A case of morphologization of auxiliary selection?
Pavel Štichauer
Selection and morphology of expletive subject clitics in northern Italian dialects
Lorenzo Ferrarotti
Can structural deficiency be parametrized?: Oblique pronouns in old Tuscan varieties
Jacopo Garzonio and Silvia Rossi
The morphosyntax-semantics interface and the Sicilian Doubly Inflected Construction
Giuseppina Todaro and Fabio Del Prete
Matrix complementizers in Italo-Romance
Valentina Colasanti and Giuseppina Silvestri
On the syntactic encoding of lexical interjections in Italo-Romance
Nicola Munaro
A person split analysis of the progressive forms in some southern Italian varieties
Paolo Lorusso
Contact-induced phenomena in the Alps
Jan Casalicchio and Andrea Padovan
N morphology and its interpretation: Romance feminine singular/plural -a
Maria Rita Manzini and Leonardo Maria Savoia
Indefinite articles and licensing of nominals in two Slavic varieties
Marija Runić
Syntactic variation across Greek dialects: The case of demonstratives
Cristina Guardiano and Dimitris Michelioudakis
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