Grammatical and Sociolinguistic Aspects of Ethiopian Languages

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| Kotebe Metropolitan University
| University of Oslo
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The focus of this unique publication is on Ethiopian languages and linguistics. Not only major languages such as Amharic and Oromo receive attention, also lesser studied ones like Sezo and Nuer are dealt with. The Gurage languages that often present a descriptive and sociolinguistic puzzle to researchers receive ample coverage. And for the first time in the history of Ethiopian linguistics two chapters are dedicated to descriptive studies of Ethiopian Sign Language, as well as two studies on acoustic phonetics. Topics range over a wide spectrum of issues covering the lexicon, sociolinguistics, socio-cultural aspects and micro-linguistic studies on the phonology, morphology and syntax of Ethiopian languages.
[IMPACT: Studies in Language, Culture and Society, 48]  Expected April 2021.  vi, 412 pp. + index
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Table of Contents
This is a provisional table of contents, and subject to changes.
The languages of Ethiopia: Aspects of the sociolinguistic profile
Derib Ado, Almaz Wasse Gelagay and Janne Bondi Johannessen †
Part I. Lexicon
Term-formation methods in the Gamo language
Almaz Wasse Gelagay
The ensete in Gurage: Nomenclature, use and meaning extension
Fekede Menuta
Part II. Sociolinguistics and culture
Language contact and its effects on language use of the Gurage varieties of Muher
Awlachew Shumneka Nurga
Ethnolinguistic perception and identity in Gurage
Emebet Bekele Birkie
Sociolinguistic functions of the secret language of Gurage females
Etaferahu Hailu Tessema
Gender and women representation in Gurage culture of Ethiopia
Fekede Menuta and Yigeremu Kifle
Part III. Grammar (syntax and morphology)
Manner of movement in Amharic
Baye Yimam
Serial verb constructions in Sezo
Girma Mengistu Desta
Number marking in Nuer nouns
John Koang Nyang
Case-marking in Semitic in the light of the evidence in the Ethiopian language area: Linguistic convergence and divergence
Lutz Edzard
Reduplication in Oromo
Shimelis Mazengia Beyene
Verbal derivations in Inor
Tsehay Abza
Part IV. Phonetics
An acoustic analysis of Amharic fricatives
Derib Ado
Durational variations in Oromo vowels
Feda Negesse and Tujube Amansa
Part V. Sign language
The linguistic nature of expression of aspect in Ethiopian sign language
Pawlos Kassu Abebe
Polysemy of Ethiopian sign language
Woinshet Girma Ayansa
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