Philosophy of the Brain

The brain problem

| Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
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"What is the mind?"

"What is the relationship between brain and mind?"

These are common questions. But "What is the brain?" is a rare question in both the neurosciences and philosophy. The reason for this may lie in the brain itself: Is there a "brain problem"?

In this fresh and innovative book, Georg Northoff demonstrates that there is in fact a "brain problem". He argues that our brain can only be understood when its empirical functions are directly related to the modes of acquiring knowledge, our epistemic abilities and inabilities. Drawing on the latest neuroscientific data and philosophical theories, he provides an empirical-epistemic definition of the brain. Northoff reveals the basic conceptual confusion about the relationship between mind and brain that has so obstinately been lingering in both neuroscience and philosophy. He subsequently develops an alternative framework where the integration of the brain within body and environment is central. This novel approach plunges the reader into the depths of our own brain. The "Philosophy of the Brain" that emerges opens the door to a fascinating world of new findings that explore the mind and its relationship to our very human brain. (Series A)
[Advances in Consciousness Research, 52]  2004.  x, 433 pp.
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Table of Contents
1. The ‘Brain problem’: 'Mind problems', hypothesis of ‘embedment’ and the neurophilosophical method
2. Neuroepistemological account of the brain: ‘Epistemic-empirical relationship’
3. ‘Philosophy of the brain’: Empirical hypothesis of the brain, ‘epistemology of the brain’ and ‘ontology of the brain’
4. The ‘Embedded brain’: ‘Mind problems’, hypothesis of 'Embedment', and ‘Paradigm shifts’
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“This novel approach plunges into the depths of their own brains. Fresh and innovative, the Philosophy of the Brain that emerges opens the door to a fascinating world of new findings that explore the mind and its relationship to our very human brain.”
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